Terms and Conditions

Payment of deposit invoice confirms that you agree to below Terms & Conditions

Reservation & Payment

The payment schedule is clearly indicated on the expedition website and varies per expedition. Payment can be made using any of the following methods: International bank transfer or Credit Card through PayPal. Please note that PayPal charges banking fees for receiving funds outside of The Netherlands. These banking fees should be covered by you and will be added to the amount payable. The height of the banking fees differs per country.

The banking details will be mentioned on the invoice you will receive after making the booking.

As soon as the deposit payment has been received, your seat is reserved. This deposit payment is non-refundable unless we are able to replace your seat on the expedition by someone else. In that case you will get a full refund. Full payment is due 120 days prior to departure date of your trip.

Trips are quoted in Euros or USD, depending on the currency our costs are in. All tour fees are inclusive of taxes. Payment to us can be made in Euros or USD (based on the actual exchange rate of the day the invoice was made).

Trips are offered based on sharing a room. A single room (when available) comes at an extra cost. In case you want to share a room but we cannot find a roommate for you, a single room will be booked for you and a single supplement will need to be charged.


Cancellation insurance is not included in this expedition and therefore it is highly recommended to organize cancellation insurance yourself. If you don’t to that, you accept the financial risk in case of cancellations. Furthermore, it is advised to also organize personal travel/health insurance.

Cancellation insurance usually covers the damage you suffer by circumstances beyond your control, resulting in you having to cancel the trip beforehand or having to shorten it before it ended. Possible examples could be a broken leg, the death of a family member or severe illness while traveling. Having cancellation insurance will then avoid you having a financial loss.

Cancellations & Refund

All cancellations must be sent by email. In case you need to cancel, but your seat on the tour can be filled by another participant, all payments made by you will be refunded. In case your seat was filled while offering a discount, you will be refunded the full amount paid, minus the costs of that discount. If there is no replacement candidate available for your seat at the moment of cancelling, there won’t be a refund. This however, does not mean Pie Aerts Photography will be responsible for finding a replacement candidate. In essence, the expedition participant is responsible for finding a replacement candidate, and Pie Aerts Photography will assist where possible.

The most urgent reasons for not being able to travel are usually covered by cancellation insurance (in case you lose your job, if a health-related issue prevents you from traveling, or if something happens to one of your loved ones). Should you need to cancel this expedition, it is very likely your cancellation insurance will cover all payments made by you. Therefore, we can not stress enough how much trouble this insurance saves you, should you need to cancel. This is the reason we urgently stress all participants to organize cancellation insurance.

In case the expedition has to be cancelled due to a sudden spread of a potential new global pandemic, it’s very likely that everything has been already paid in full, but we still can’t travel. In that case it is our policy to postpone instead of cancel the trip. Together we will look at a new date and negotiate these new dates with all travel partners involved. You will receive a travel credit that can be used on that future expedition. In case it is not possible to postpone the tour, we will refund you as much as we can. We can only refund the costs that are retrievable.


Pie Aerts Photography cannot be held accountable for occurrences that are beyond its control, such as strikes, wars, acts of government, acts of terrorism, epidemics, pandemics, or any other cause whatsoever, beyond its control, that may make operation of the expedition impossible, illegal or inadvisable. If there are pressing reasons for Pie Aerts Photography to cancel a tour, all tour payments received will be promptly refunded, and this refund will be the limit of Pie Aerts Photography’s liability.

Pie Aerts Photography is not responsible for any expenses incurred by participants in preparing for the tour, including non-refundable or penalty carrying airline tickets, special clothing, visa or passport fees, or other tour-related expenses. We therefore, advise you to wait with buying airfare until the minimum number of guests is reached and Pie Aerts Photography is confirming that the expedition is taking place.

Pie Aerts Photography reserves the right to replace the expedition leader on an expedition, in case of unforeseen events, such as serious illness of (one of) the tourleader(s) or (one of) their loved ones. Pie Aerts Photography will do its utmost to replace a tourleader by someone with the same set of skills, but no guarantee can be given. Replacement of a tour leader is under no circumstances sufficient grounds for a refund on payments already made for a tour, nor is it accepted as a reason for you to cancel the trip.

Pie Aerts Photography reserves the right to cancel a tour up to 12 weeks prior to departure if the minimum group size is not reached. You can find the minimum group size on the expedition website.

We assume no responsibility whatsoever caused for injury, loss or damage to person or property in connection with any service resulting directly from: acts of God, detention, annoyance, delays, expenses arising from quarantine, strikes, thefts, pilferage, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, terrorism, government restrictions or regulations and discrepancies or changes in transit or hotel services over which it has no control. Reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made where deemed advisable for the comfort and well being of the participants. In case of a medical problem arising during the expedition, which results in costs for evacuation, use of aircraft or repatriation, the responsibility for payment of these costs belongs solely to the participant. We strongly advise that participants ensure that such eventualities are covered by travel insurance. If not covered by travel insurance the responsibility still remains with the participant and Pie Aerts Photography specifically declines any responsibility whatsoever.

Upon arrival, on day 1 of the expedition, each participant will have to sign an indemnity waiver that describes all of the above.

Payment of deposit invoice confirms that participant agrees to the Terms & Conditions.

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