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How are you?

My name is Pie.
Which has, contrary to popular belief, nothing to do with apples.
Through my viewfinder I am examining the intricate relationship between humans, animals and the natural world in an attempt to find answers why we seem increasingly disconnected from each other, ourselves and from our natural environment.
A visual journey towards the essence of our existence.

I'm an official Canon Europe Ambassador and proudly serve as the first global Hahnemühle Natural Line Ambassador. 

Because I firmly believe that art can be an incredibly powerful tool in restoring that lost connection, I initiated Prints for Wildlife, a month-long fundraiser collecting funds for African parks & communities badly hit by COVID-19. The first edition took place in August 2020 and raised $ 660.200 for conservation. 

You got a story to tell? Tell me first. I’d love to help.

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Pie Aerts & Because People Matter

Want this to learn more about what I do: Because People Matter

Pie Aerts