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VIRTUAL MENTORSHIP SESSION | 1+ hour zoom or skype call

For the first time ever I am launching virtual mentorship sessions. 

For those of you that can't travel to Amsterdam!

Do you feel like you need a new boost in your photography? 

Or do you want me to review your portfolio, this is your chance!



A 1+ hour session between you and me. I will video-call you and we will chat about anything you like. About finding your voice as an artist, creating stories from scratch to publication, building your name on social media, gear, post-production, publishing books, printing your work and much more. There’s room for as much open questions as you want, critique of your portfolio and advice about future steps in building your personal brand. You are in control of this 1 hour session and I’m there to help you! 


Because I absolutely love sharing my passion for story-telling with people! And because over the past few years, I’ve learned that growing and developing your talents mainly happens in close contact with other creatives. You simply need a teachable spirit in order to keep growing. But also because there’s so many people not able to travel to Amsterdam to attend my masterclasses. So let’s get ready and make use of this lock-down to fine-tune your storytelling skills to be ready when the world opens up again! 


The price of a virtual mentorship session is EUR 250,- for a 1+ hour session. As soon as your time slot is approved, you will be send a payment link. If you are able to come and visit my Amsterdam studio, you will receive 1 hour extra for free. So you get 2 hours for the rate of 1. Read more about these Amsterdam sessions here


After studying at the Hogere Hotelschool Maastricht and an eventful corporate career at Ahold Delhaize, Pie Aerts decided to change course. He says goodbye to his comfortable life in the Netherlands and ventures into the world to explore what it means to be “human”, with an emphasis on the simple, imperfect and mysterious of our daily existence. He spends weeks with gauchos in Patagonia, chases poachers in Uganda, lives with Buddhist monks in monasteries high in the Himalayas and travels deep into the heart of Papua. The photographs of Aerts, a self-taught talent unique at this time, unleash an engaging sense of connection and invite us to reflect on the essence of our existence. Through his lens, he not only examines the relationship between humans, animals and nature, but also tries to find an answer to the question of how it may be that we seem to become increasingly distant from each other and from ourselves.

Pie is official Canon Europe Ambassador and founder of ‘Prints for Wildlife’, a month-long fundraiser that collected 660.000 dollars for conservation areas badly affected by COVID-19. He is a firm believer that art can be an incredibly powerful tool in restoring that lost and damaged connection he investigates.