where the sun never sets

Ladakh, India

In the far and remote northwest corner of india, perched in between Pakistan and Tibet, lies a mythical and desolate high desert landscape. A land dotted with alpine lakes, snow-covered peaks and green rocky oases enclosed by sandy dunes, that evokes a sense of timelessness in which only a thin veil separates dreams from reality. A place where the air is thin, and where thousands of years of human history still travel through tales and whispers. A region infused with mystery, spirituality, awe and wonder, that teaches us about the foundational essence of what it means to be human. And while drifting in between fiction and reality, unraveling bit by bit of this wonderland, we slowly learn that it’s a place that requires vulnerability, resilience and stillness in order to open up to a multi-sensory experience that ultimately creates a deep, profound connection to the awe-inspiring Mother Nature.

This is an ongoing body of work, created with the support of The Ultimate Traveling Camp (TUTC).

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