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BECAUSE PEOPLE MATTER | the masterclass | September 17

Do you want to push yourself creatively?

Do you feel like you need a new boost in your photography? 

Or do you want to broaden your knowledge about visual story-telling?  

Than this is your chance!

Saturday September 17 in Amsterdam.



Because I love sharing my passion for story-telling with people! And because over the past few years, I’ve learned that growing and developing your talents mainly happens in close contact with other creatives. You simply need a teachable spirit in order to keep growing. So let’s get ready and fine-tune your story-telling skills to be ready when the world opens up again!


A full day of inspiration in the realm of visual story-telling focusing on the main question: what does it mean to be a story-teller in 2022?  I will teach you all I know about the emotional power of story-telling, the technical aspects of photography, the digital and analogue gear I use and the ins & outs of post production. On top I will help you in understanding how to build a successful brand as a photographer and how to make your work stand-out in this social media age. We will have dinner together and afterwards hit the streets where I will help you building confidence in predicting unfolding scenes and approaching strangers. Eventually we regroup to evaluate each others work and have some drinks.


Rebel HQ, Koningin Wilhelminaplein 4, Amsterdam. The program for the day is as following:

13.00 - 13.30 Walk-in

13.30 - 15.00 What is a story? Building a story from scratch to publication

15.00 - 16.00 Technical aspects & gear (digital & film)

16:00 - 16:30 Finding your own voice as an artist

16:30 - 17:00 Social Media & building your personal brand as a photographer

17:00 - 18:00 Dinner

18:00 - 12:00 Assignment on the streets of Amsterdam

20:30 - 22.00 Post production & evaluation of images


This masterclass offers space for 15 participants. You don’t need any professional experience but it helps if you know your way around your own camera. If not, don’t worry, I’m there to help you!

I will be hosting the full day program. My girlfriend Jessica will be serving a beautiful vegetarian meal. If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let me know.


The price of the masterclass is € 300,- per person . As soon as your subscription is approved, you will be send a payment link. Your seat is secured after paying the full amount.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel and the masterclass can be filled anyway after your cancellation, we will refund you the full amount you have paid. If you cancel and the masterclass does not fill, then you will be refunded according to the following schedule:

  • Cancellation before August 1, 2022: 100% refund
  • Cancellation before August 15, 2022: 50% refund
  • Cancellation after August 25, 2022: no refund

Come join me on September 17, 2022 talking travel, life, photography and many other things!

The photographer

Pie Aerts is a Dutch documentary photographer with a sincere interest in human/wildlife conflict stories. Through his lens, he examines the intricate relationship between animals, humans and nature. And, as we become increasingly distant from the natural world, each other and ourselves, he uses photography to search for the cause of this disconnect in an attempt to understand the mysterious and imperfect nature of being human. The photographs of Aerts unleash an engaging sense of connection and invite us to reflect on the essence of our existence. Pie is official Canon Europe Ambassador and founder of ‘Prints for Wildlife’, a month-long fundraiser that collected 660.000 dollars for conservation areas badly affected by COVID-19. He is a firm believer that art can be an incredibly powerful tool in restoring that lost and damaged connection he investigates.


Daniel (South Africa) - I consider Pie’s masterclass as some of the best money I have ever spent. What I loved was that Pie wasn’t there to teach the technical elements of photography (although he very generously shared some fantastic tips) but more he spoke about connection. How he uses photography to connect to the world, to himself and to his purpose in life. Which was incredibly refreshing. I found that because of Pie’s ability to speak about what photography was to him it opened space for the rest of us to do the same. This wasn’t as much a photography masterclass as much as it was a masterclass on photography as a way of truly living life. If you’re a person that finds that being behind your lens is a gateway to connecting to and representing the world then this is the masterclass for you.

Laurine (Netherlands) - My hearts desire was to find a course where passion, quality and authenticity would dance together. Pie totally nailed that. I could not have asked for more. Jess was just the cherry on the cake with her heartfelt hospitality and nourishing food. Give yourself this gift and boost towards your next level as a conscious photographer.

Deepa (Philippines) - Pie’s class really made me think about choices I make: How i see the world, what I spend time and energy creating, who I do it for, and most importantly, why?

*Sander (Netherlands) -* It was very nice to finally meet Pie in person after years of following his work. This masterclass was not just about photography. It was about the relation between a story and a photo. If you follow Pie’s work, you can tell he can capture these two things simultaneously in one beautiful shot. Pie shares his vision, his wisdom, his true opinion and most of all his joy. At the end of the day I left Amsterdam with a smile from ear to ear and I fell in love with photography even more than before.

Colette (Netherlands) - I was really excited when I saw that Pie hosted a masterclass! I didn’t really know what to expect, But I was blown away by the amazing insights he offered into real story-telling. His passion & creativity are beautiful to witness. Can’t wait for the next one.