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Chaotically cool: Street photography in Kathmandu


Nepal’s capital is often merely seen as a jumping-off point, overshadowed by the call of the Himalayan mountains. Yet, Kathmandu is one of a kind to say the least. It is chaotic, fascinating, ...
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10 tips for rocking your outdoor & wildlife photography


One of those questions I get asked most (apart from the non-stop gear talk) is what ‘photography tips’ I have for people. Therefore I thought it could be helpful to list a few of my favourites...
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The road to Nirvana


How a 24-year old Swedish girl became a Buddhist nun Being a 13 year-old kid, I could totally lose myself in the story-telling capabilities of my history teacher. No one could tell stories li...
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Walking with the Bushmen


Growing up in the West, understanding the strong connection between humans, animals and nature isn’t one of the first things one learns. Spending a few weeks in the African bush made me realis...
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Welcome to Happyland


When thinking about the Philippines all that comes to mind is probably beaches, coconuts, palm trees, whale sharks and a few terrible headliners about the devastating impact of earthquakes and...
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The life of Zazu


Indonesia, it’s a place I would love to go back to at least once a year. However, I don’t even think a lifetime of travel would be enough to cover the majority of the nearly 19.000 islands and...
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Tales from India


Sensory overload, color clash, sound cacophony. Right in your face, in any possible way you could think of. Filthy, crowded, poor, corrupt, illiterate, chaotic, strange and full of gender ineq...
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